Saturday, August 3, 2013

Aurora Cabin update

It's been a while since I updated my progress on Aurora Cabin.  The last time was here in 2012.  I have been trying to concentrate on the bottom section, filling in all of the gaps. Then I plan to work in 10 or 20 stitch rows across... In some type of organised fashion until I can do the happy completion dance!!

Last time I shared a progress photo on a group on Facebook a lady commented that she was amazed at the amount if blank space that I was missing, in between sections / colours.   Admittedly it made me sit back and wonder if I am doing it wrong? I ended up moving onto other projects and neglecting this one as I felt somehow that my technique was lacking?

It spoilt it for me... But you live and learn and I have  returned to it and am making progress. I really want to finish this as my husband and children gave it to me as a gift for Mothers day in 2009?  I think I am the slowest stitcher on earth but I guess it is a case of if you do not invest time into stitching then you do not see results.  I spent all afternoon working on this today and I can see the results :)  If you look at both photos you can see an amazing amount of difference.  I am going to start trying to add at least one thread of a colour prior to bed each night as I have finally purchased a magnifying lamp and new glasses for myself - its amazing what being able to actually see the holes can do for stitching ability :)

I'll share the progress photo now.

 I hope that you are all having a wonderful crafty of fun weekend, hugs chars x


Home Meadows said...

It is a pretty piece. Looking forward to watching your progress. What a treasure it will be once complete. Heather

SoCal Debbie said...

Hi Char, I found your blog through the Cross Stitch Corner Facebook page and I'm a new follower! I've always loved Aurora Cabin and hope to stitch it some day.

sharine said...

It looks great. Slow and steady wins the race!

meggie said...


Just found your blog and become a follower.
Your Aurora Cabin is looking beautiful!
We all stitch differently and we get there in the end (:

Meari said...

It looks great! said...

Everyone stitches differently, and nobody has the perfect technique ... what matters is that you stitch in a way that makes you enjoy the journey, it doesn't matter what anyone else says! I remember when I took one of my framed pieces to a Guild to put on display as part of their annual exhibit because I took a piece of XS (although admittedly about 50% in metallics with other specialty stitches) ... an 'old duck' was very condescending and told me "that's OK dear, we all have to start somewhere" ... the fact that I was already doing stumpwork and other needlework, she just chose to speak down to me because I did "XS" ... if I hadn't been a strong person I think that comment could have seen the end to my needlework future ... as it is I still remember those silly words to this day - and try to forget anything other people say and enjoy my own little needlework world ... whatever it is that brings you joy is the perfect way to stitch! :)