Tuesday, December 3, 2013

... continuing where I left off...

Our friend stayed for a lovely BBQ dinner cooked by Andre and it was nice to catch up and share some laughs...

As I was saying - I started working.  In the end I went for 3 jobs and landed all 3 of them!

The first job that I started was 6 days a fortnight (2weeks) working for the local bargain place - some call it a $2 shop but the reality of the shop that I was working for is that it didn't just sell cheap junk and prices in the store ranged from 50c up...  It is one of my favourite places in town to browse and shop and naturally I really enjoyed the 20% discount that was a perk of working there. fortnightly roster was Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Friday.  Working mostly 8 hour days.  This meant that the 3 youngest had to start going to vacation care and after school care....after having me as a stay at home mum since living back in Victoria they really did not handle the change very well... both twins regressed in different ways.  One started soiling again (he is 7.5) and the other started misbehaving at school.  So that was always on my mind... add to that the costs involved in paying for care and it was not working out both financially or emotionally for any of us. The pay rate was excellent - but money isn't everything...  I finished up working there on Sunday 1st December.

I applied for another job as "relief" school crossing supervisor.  This job is only casual and I only work if one of the 3 permanent crossing supervisors are sick or requires time off.  I don't expect I will get lots of hours... but so far I have had a few shifts.

Next, I applied for a job with one of Australia's leading supermarkets - Coles.  At the time that I applied for the job I didn't know what department or what the hours would be - but I did know that they are a family friendly company and will always do their best to roster  you hours that support your family life.  I was successful in my application and I was offered part-time for night-fill... working 5pm till 10pm.  I am guaranteed 10 hours per week... and then on call for casual work across the store - service/grocery/deli.

I completed my induction yesterday Monday 2nd... and at this stage am waiting for a phone call to come in and do my online food handling course and then I will be given a roster and can start.  In the meantime - I am enjoying being at home, today I played catch up with the housework (boring) - tomorrow I am hoping that after I do a bit more housework I can spend a few hours relaxing doing some cross stitch.

I've been trying to finish off Liam's blanket whilst reading blogs - it is ALMOST finished... to him it is big enough but I want it to be big enough to grow with him... he often uses the ones from the couch and has shown avid interest (read nagging) for me to finish his blanket.  Just realised this is the first time I have mentioned it... so will leave with a few random shots taken a few months back...

It is just a basic granny.... done round and round.... each strip represents one ball and in some cases 2 balls...  his favourite colour is green and it is all shades of green.