Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ta-dah Marciste is finished :)

Wow - It's amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it...  I just finished off the "Marciste" Doily for my MIL.  Please forgive the crappy lighting but I was so excited that I wanted to take a photo and share with you all.  It is SOOOOOO nice to have a finish :)

So without further ado...

This pattern is from a very old booklet of my Nana's called "The Twilleys cotton crochet book 4".  I have made this pattern several times over the years - but this is the first time since Nan died and I think that may be one of the reasons why I struggled with it as the pattern, seeing her handwriting on the booklet... all brought back memories of her.  She is the lovely lady that had the patience to teach me to crochet many many moons ago when I was just a wee toddler.  Love and Miss you every day Nan x.

Easter Crochet

Happy Easter to those that celebrate - to those that don't enjoy the chocolate and the holidays.

We have had a relaxing few days at home.

I've been catching up on blogs and this morning I decided that I should try to crochet whilst I read (new concept for me but I know some of you do this already!)

Here are some snaps of what I am working on...

Yes it is the same WIP that I was working on here ....  I have not really made much progress have I?  I still have not finished it.... originally it was started for my MIL's birthday in Feb 2012... then I was going to give it to her for Christmas... ummm I definitely wanted to give it to her for her birthday this year... which has been and gone - I sent her a card and said that the present was a work in progress....  she's coming to visit this week so perhaps I should surprise her by actually having it finished??  Stay tuned for a ta dah!! :)

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Can someone please enlighten me....

I have heard rumours that google reader is being discontinued - I never received notification of this but then again I don't use it either - so for me - no loss.

I do however use the blogs that I have *followed* to generate my bloglist and this is how I read your blogs - Once a day or every couple of days I skim this list and then click and read at the actual blog.

Can someone let me know if this is going to be discontinued also and if I should *save* all of my blogs that I am following somehow? as I would hate to lose anyone....??

I have joined Bloglovin...  It automatically transferred all of the blogs that I follow so at least I will not *lose* anyone.  Please follow me on Bloglovin? click the link on the sidebar.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

February a busy month - A Holiday and A house move

February shaped up to be exceptionally busy for us - and I ended up doing hardly any crafting - I looked longingly at it a few times - wished I could take it with me on the plane but as we had carry on baggage that was not possible... and its high on my list of things I need to find today as I need to catch up with my squares :)

On Valentines day we started off bright and early for the airport - it only took us 1.5hours to drive there - We anticipated that we would hit peak hour so allowed enough time just in case we got stuck in traffic somewhere but we must have just missed it so as a result spent a good 3 hours sitting around Melbourne's Tullamarine airport.  No one minded as we were all really excited to be heading out on holidays :) (even if it was only a few days break - it was more the fact that we were going to see Grandma and Poppy!)

Eamonn (age 6) passed the time by picking up a discarded copy of the wall street journal and reading.  Lately he has been showing intellect far beyond his years!

We landed safely in Newcastle - hired a car and then we had another drive a head of us - this time the scenery was spectacularly beautiful but in my case achingly familiar and reminded me of childhood car trips.

The car pictured ahead of us in actually my parents car as they met us at the airport -  We needed to hire a car with 6+ seats but unfortunately we could only get a 5 seater car (lucky we knew this in advance) - so they drove to pick up one of us :)   In today's society I really feel that the car hire companies should cater more for larger families?

This road sign has some familiar place names on it... I was born in Port Macquarie and I grew up in the Camden Haven region and you need to turn right at Kew...and ironically Andre was working at Kempsey and I was living in Port Macquarie when we met and then we moved to Brisbane together :)

Our destination turn is just after this sign - my parents now live in the lovely little town of Harrington NSW.

The next few photos show the local area that is Harrington NSW.  Very pretty part of the world.

 This next shot is taken towards Camden Haven from Crowdy Head which is 10km? from Harrington (towards the ocean)

This next photo is of my mum, myself, my eldest daughter Jacinda, Micayla, Liam, Eamonn and Xanthe.  My eldest 2 sons are missing from the photo...I did manage to catch up with them the next day though.

In this photo we are all ready to attend my mum's 60th birthday party - the reason behind our visit!

When we got back from our holiday we started to look for another rental house in the area as the house we were living in was virtually falling down around us...and the owners of property were refusing to do any maintenance.  The heating in our living areas had not worked since the beginning of September and if you are familiar with the climate in Daylesford Victoria you would understand and know that it can be freezing and can even snow in any season and you really need a house that is well insulated and has working heating!

So we decided that enough was enough and as our lease was coming up (mid April) we decided to start looking for a new house.  The new house had to fit into a certain criteria (be big enough and have working heating) time was on our side and we were in no rush to move.

Being that I have already hinted in the title of this post that we have already moved we found the perfect house for us in a little town called Hepburn.  Its located approximately 6km from Daylesford and separated for the most part by forest.  

Andre and I fell in love with the 3rd house that we looked at... it was built in 2006 and is crisp, clean and has modern features inclusive of a brand new dishwasher and working heating and reverse cycle air conditioning as a bonus!

We found out that we were successful in our application on the 22nd February and on the 1st March we collected the keys and moved in :)  The downside of all of this is that we still have that lease hanging over our heads... the real estate told us it was cheaper to pay out the lease than it was to break the lease... :(  Not sure how true that was but it worked in theory as after paying out the notice period it would have only been 2.5 weeks rent - So for the next few weeks we are paying double rent :(  A big financial OUCH!!  But for comfort and security - what price happiness???