Thursday, April 24, 2014

I will return - not sure if that is a threat or promise?

I know you have all heard it all before but sorry for being such a bad blogger - life as they sometimes say has a habit of getting in our way when we are busy making other plans.

I am exhausted - I think I could sleep for a month and still be tired - I have no energy and my family/home life and health are beginning to suffer.   

In the lead up to Easter work was CRAZY!!  I ended up working 29 hours and I reckon that is contributing to how I am feeling - The toll on my body is beginning to become really noticeable - In Feb I put a hairline fracture in my arm at work and although it has healed I am now struggling to lift anything above 8kg?  Which has left me evaluating life and where I am at! 

Today I went and saw the GP and she wants to run a few scans and tests - after all there has to be a reason why I am so tired? So in the meantime I look longingly at my craft and curl up on the sofa and watch tv with one eye open shhh!!!

This week we went away for a couple if days " just to getaway" and give me a break from work - it was lovely so I will leave you with a couple of photos that I managed to remember to take from my phone - until next time Chars x

 Afternoon tea - passion fruit cheesecake 

The lively view from where we sat and enjoyed the coffee, cake and sunshine.


Dorothy said...

Welcome back to blogland Chars. Sorry to hear about your health problem - hope you can get it sorted out soon.
Look forward to hearing from you again soon. xox

sheliah said...

Glad to see you're back! Here's hoping for health issue answers.