Sunday, February 21, 2016


I've been pondering my blog - I really do want to post more but if I don't do any craft I really have nothing to post? 

I would like to talk more about everyday life...

I also am not sure I want to share our everyday lives on a public format that the ex is able to access and read knowing full well that my blog exists if that makes sense.? 

I also don't want to lose touch with my blogging friends and followers - dilemma much?

Anyone have any words of wisdom? 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

CHANGES - 2016 update

Hello everyone - if there is anyone out there still following my blog?

Please comment - please say hi ?

It has been such a long time since I have blogged and a part of why is because I never knew where to start with this post. 

To sum the time up and explain my absence as brief as I can - my marriage ended in December 2015...I have applied for a divorce and on April 4 I will attend court and May 5 my divorce should be finalised.  

Moving forward to today...

I am the happiest I've been my entire life.  I'm in a new relationship with a wonderful man who for now we will call "D".  Slowly life is returning to a semblance of normality... I am no longer depressed, I am no longer taking medication for depression... and I can thank "D" for being my rock through some pretty hairy times.

I am juggling two part-time jobs along with being a single mum.  I'm now a lollipop lady at my own crossing at the tiny school in the neighbourhood.  I enjoy it despite the challenges of the weather and it helps to keep the wolves from the door :)  I am still working  at the same supermarket but these days you will find me in the Deli Department...which I find has its ups and downs and daily challenges.

Recently I looked at my future employment prospects and decided that I needed to "Get my act together" so to speak as I cannot see myself still working in the supermarket in 10years time - I'm not sure my body would cope.  So... I looked at my options in proportion to my age and decided that I should finish what I started - yes that means study again.  So I am resuming my Bachelor of Education (Early childhood Education) on February 29th.  One subject at a time to start, until I get back into the swing of study and juggling life and its commitments.

So what made me decide tonight to sit down and FINALLY blog?

Simply that I miss blogging, I miss the friendships, the interactions and the sharing.

What are my plans for this blog?  I am hopeful to include more of the everyday, to share craft projects, art, cooking, and basically my life.

So for now I will say "goodnight"  I am about to go watch some of a DVD (Bones) prior to bed and pick up the crochet rug that I am working on for Xanthe.  I will leave you with a sneak peak.