Wednesday, February 10, 2016

CHANGES - 2016 update

Hello everyone - if there is anyone out there still following my blog?

Please comment - please say hi ?

It has been such a long time since I have blogged and a part of why is because I never knew where to start with this post. 

To sum the time up and explain my absence as brief as I can - my marriage ended in December 2015...I have applied for a divorce and on April 4 I will attend court and May 5 my divorce should be finalised.  

Moving forward to today...

I am the happiest I've been my entire life.  I'm in a new relationship with a wonderful man who for now we will call "D".  Slowly life is returning to a semblance of normality... I am no longer depressed, I am no longer taking medication for depression... and I can thank "D" for being my rock through some pretty hairy times.

I am juggling two part-time jobs along with being a single mum.  I'm now a lollipop lady at my own crossing at the tiny school in the neighbourhood.  I enjoy it despite the challenges of the weather and it helps to keep the wolves from the door :)  I am still working  at the same supermarket but these days you will find me in the Deli Department...which I find has its ups and downs and daily challenges.

Recently I looked at my future employment prospects and decided that I needed to "Get my act together" so to speak as I cannot see myself still working in the supermarket in 10years time - I'm not sure my body would cope.  So... I looked at my options in proportion to my age and decided that I should finish what I started - yes that means study again.  So I am resuming my Bachelor of Education (Early childhood Education) on February 29th.  One subject at a time to start, until I get back into the swing of study and juggling life and its commitments.

So what made me decide tonight to sit down and FINALLY blog?

Simply that I miss blogging, I miss the friendships, the interactions and the sharing.

What are my plans for this blog?  I am hopeful to include more of the everyday, to share craft projects, art, cooking, and basically my life.

So for now I will say "goodnight"  I am about to go watch some of a DVD (Bones) prior to bed and pick up the crochet rug that I am working on for Xanthe.  I will leave you with a sneak peak.


Dorothy said...

Hi Chars .. I'm still here and haven't forgotten you. I'm sorry to hear you've been having a bit of a rough trot and you have my very best wishes for your future happiness. Good luck with the study. Your crochet looks lovely. xox

Kerry said...

So nice to see you back sweetie!!! I've been worried about you so I'm thrilled to hear things are going so great for you now! Please keep the posts coming and take good care of yourself and the kiddos. Love ya!

sharine said...

The best of luck for your future plans. The blanket look beautiful:)

Mum said...

Hi Chars, I'm just returning a call. All the best for your new future. Your world is sunny now.
PS What a coincidence. We were watching Bones last night.