Saturday, March 5, 2016

The art of mindfulness?

Sometime towards mid to end of 2015 I joined the mass population and bought an adult colouring book.  I spent rather a lot of money on colouring pencils only to discover that I preferred to colour with gel ink pens that I had already in my penpalling supplies.

I've since invested in quite a few more books and quite a few more gel ink pens.

This afternoon it was hot - I was at "D"'s house and hanging out with him in his man-cave.  So the next few photos are what I was working on today.

A lot of people find colouring relaxing - I'm not sure if I fit into that category or not?  As I agonise over colour choices and struggle with my eyesight and seeing what I'm doing...  But the flip side is I have always enjoyed colouring - now I can get away with doing it with any stigma attached that it is "just for kids"

Over to you - anyone else colour?


angela said...

I tired it after being giving a colouring book for my birthday. I have to say I don't find it relaxing and I've not done any more. I might give it another go in a few months

Lana said...

I'm so addicted!!! And I am addicted to buying coloring books! It is SO relaxing! I enjoy playing with various color schemes and I'm loving all the great books available to color now! Just one more way to release my creativity!! Happy coloring!!

Lana said...

Your coloring is beautiful!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I enjoy it but I found it detracts from my stitching time! Now I have an app on my iPad and I can do a little "colouring-in" on there while I'm on the phone or cooking tea!

Pam Jackson said...

Great job on the coloring. I never did enjoy coloring as a child so even though I tried one adult book, I gave it to my daughter. I just could not get into that. I however am an artist so I prefer to paint instead. I hear that they are really relaxing. Enjoy.